Author: Scott Howard

Mortal or Eternal Answers?

As I write this, the headlines in the news continue to make people wonder what this world is coming to. From CNN: Two Students Wounded, One in Critical Condition as they claim we’ve had our 17th school shooting in America this year. From ABC: Tensions high in Austin amid ongoing manhunt for serial bomber. Elsewhere there are brand new bridges collapsing, drunk drivers escaping serious injuries while killing families in fatal traffic accidents, political scandals and weirdness making news so often we become numb to the so called “breaking news”…  This is the season of Lent, the weeks and days...

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Where Do You Place Your Trust?

Two of the last three years of my Mom’s life, I shared a house with her.  As two adults under the same roof, I got to know her a bit more than I did growing up. The circumstances that brought us together was the passing away of my Dad at age 67 of cancer.  I was divorced and my mom was a widow.  I returned to Fort Wayne to help her downsize from the house she lived in for 34 years with my Dad. Anyway, I learned that what my Mom wanted most of all, humanly speaking was for...

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The Best Of…

At the conclusion of each year, it seems like the various news and entertainment outlets like to compile their “Best of this year“ list. But no matter what we experience as we wander this planet of ours, the very best of our lives, will be experienced when we leave this planet and spend eternity with God. Not to downplay the great and wonderful things that have occurred in your life, take those in and cherish them as gifts. And the not so great and tragic things… I hope and pray that they are simply lessons.  We won’t know the...

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The Purpose of The Law

This weeks mass shooting is brought to you by the radical right and the National Rifle Association, said the meme after yet another tragedy. The outcry for sensible gun laws to stop events like this were all over the TV screens and small screens via social media and the mainstream media. It just feels like we need to do something and we aren’t, say some of my conservative but atheist friends. So the call to our duly elected national leaders goes out once again to pass universal background checks, stop the sale of high capacity weapons and what ever...

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The Cure Is Not Here

What’s the cure for evil? What’s the cure for death? These are the questions many unbelievers ask. Maybe not those exact words, but that ultimately is what they want to know. Another mass murder shooting in the United States, this time in Vegas has brought people together and also caused division.   Many are looking for answers for evil and death. Some are looking for solutions to stop these things such as gun control laws. The answers are not going to be found because we cannot protect human life from death or evil. And we are not supposed to either....

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“Then I saw all that God has done. No one can comprehend what goes on under the sun... Even if the wise claim they know, they cannot really comprehend it.” Ecclesiastes 8:17

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