Author: Ron Oetting


Sisters are the best. I’ve been especially blessed. I’ve had not ONE – but, three; and they’ve been good to me. We got through childhood. Some times were bad; some times were good. And, as we grew – as siblings do – we all had livings to pursue. My sisters all became good wives. But circumstances changed our lives; and, in a heartbeat, there were two. So now the three of us don’t miss a chance when we can reminisce. We’ll talk about some things that matter, or sometimes it’s just idle chatter. I know I don’t say it...

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Political Poetry by RKO

The vitriolic comments are posted everyday. We call each other ugly names; don’t temper what we say. In fact, we seem to pride ourselves on how mean we can be! We think that makes us “smart”, or brings celebrity. It’s now part of our culture. We think we’re really ‘cool’ when we use vulgar language we didn’t learn in school. We love to bully people, and put them in their place. That makes us feel superior, and gives our egos space. We make up words like “libtards” or “dumb Republicraps”. We laugh so hard, we can’t control those unrefined...

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When Someone Dies…..

When someone dies, they always say, “She’s in a better place. Her pain and suffering is gone. It’s all part of God’s grace.” So, is that “better place” a world far different from our own, where streets, I’m told, are paved with gold, where hate and war’s unknown? I don’t know where her soul has gone – out there, somewhere in space. But I hope what they say is true: “She’s in a better place.”   -RKO-         #878         01-13-18 [“Political Poetry by RKO” now available at...

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Two Minutes Hate

Winston Smith may have suffered through what millions of us are suffering through today. I wonder what he would think if he were to return from “1984” and enter our ‘real-life’ world of 2017? Today, in our cosmopolitan world, we’re surrounded by hate, greed and insolence. Our contempt for each other holds no bounds. Conservatives hate liberals. Liberals hate conservatives. Sadly, most Americans who characterize themselves by those two terms would be hard-pressed to even provide you with a legitimate definition of the terms. From the time we’re big enough to use a remote control, we’re witness to thousands...

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The Evil Among Us

This morning, I received two e-mails from two Facebook ‘friends’. Both e-mails contained the identical image: a photo of Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” asking the scarecrow this question: “But how do you talk without a brain?” The scarecrow’s reply over the first image was, “I’m a Democrat!” The scarecrow’s reply over the second image was: “I’m a Republican!” Like most of you, I get dozens (sometimes hundreds!) of these kinds of images every day. Many are characterized as “humorous political truths”. Virtually all of them are disparaging ‘commentaries’ on the sender’s distorted political views, or personal insights...

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