He is risen indeed! As I was in church on Good Friday, our pastor was talking about Christ’s body pain being flogged leading up to His pain on the cross. He said it could have been you and me being flogged and suffering on that cross. Even though I knew that, it became very real thinking about how much I would be hurting on that cross. I’ve had a lot of physical pain over the years with different things, but nothing like Jesus endured for me and for you. I really can’t imagine how his body had to be hurting before they nailed his hands and feet to the cross. Also, the emotional pain from the hatred of the people who wanted Him crucified; I would think mostly from the Jewish people even though He was born Jewish. These are people He created and loved.

I am so grateful to Jesus for paying for my sin penalties on the cross and then rising again to conquer spiritual death, so I will not go to hell when I die a physical death, but instead go to Heaven to be with God. That’s the reason that God the Father sent God the Son to earth to be crucified and rise again…so that mankind could be forgiven of their sin penalties to become righteous in God’s eyes, so mankind can fellowship with their Creator in Heaven. 

Now I enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus through reading the Bible and prayer. He speaks to me through His Holy Spirit by impressing upon me certain passages of Scripture to encourage me or tell me that I need to change something, so I become more like Him or that He wants me to serve Him in some way. He has also brought me through some difficult surgeries. I’m so grateful to Him for loving and taking care of me. 

Do you know my Jesus? If not, you need to realize your sins and confess them to Jesus and by faith put your trust in Him for paying for your sin penalties and rising again, so you can receive eternal life in Heaven. Jesus says in the Bible that for those who have put their faith in Him, He has a plan for their lives. There is no better plan for you than God’s plan. I’m praying for you.