The AI god,

You see it every day—humanity is consumed by electronics, computers, I pads, I phones, television, virtual reality, and more!  You have seen it on tv—a person walking down the sidewalk looking at their phone falls over barricades and into a hole.  Or someone on a phone walks out into a street and gets hit by a car.

What about our family life?  You have seen the picture of a family around the dinner table with all members staring at their phones.  And I liked this one—the internet went out for a day and dad says “now I can find out how my son and daughter are doing and I hope I can get along with them”.

Get ready—the AI god is here and developing!  Did you know that we now have an AI church?  It is called “Way of the Future (WOTF)” and it will worship artificial intelligence.  In fact our federal government issued the church tax-exempt status last August.  The leader and “Dean” of the church is Anthony Levandowski, a silicon valley multi-millionaire.  If you think this is absurd—then go to the WOTF website and find out what the church believes. 

Satan is alive and well—and will use this church for his use and advantage.  Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking have said that superhuman AI will likely be dangerous rather than benevolent.  Elon Musk said “we are summoning the demon”.

Levandowski has said “What is going to be created will effectively be a god.  If there is something a billion times smarter than the smartest human, what else are you going to call it?”

May the one and only true God help us—humanity must turn to Him.  The Book of Revelation is being played out in front of our eyes—the beast/antichrist, the harlot, 666, false prophet, one world religion and more!

Are you ready for Jesus’s return at the Rapture?  Don’t forget that God made you with a soul and spirit,  The AI god has no soul and spirit!