Life is a series of choices every day of your being, regardless of age or gender.  Choices can relate to family, school, work place, and social functions, etc.

The difference of having a good day or bad day relates directly to the choices you have made.  Some choices are relatively easy to make if you gather your facts and apply sound judgment.  Other choices may have to do with right and wrong.  This is where the individual’s integrity comes into play.  Should I choose the good idea or the bad idea?

A number of years ago there was a wrist band that was very popular, abbreviated “WWJD”.  What Would Jesus Do?  If you apply these four words to your source of selections, would it not make your world much easier? Understand, sin is not a respecter of a person.  Kids sin, youth sin, adults sin, and guess what, older people sin also. 

Choices determines your character.  When you are all alone, no one can see you, one can easily make the sinful choice.  Wrong!!  God can see you, He knows your heart and mind.  These sinful choices only brings hardship and turmoil into your life.  Look around you, do you see people with laughter on their face, joy in their hearts, peace of mind, and a positive attitude?  Or do you see hatred, anger, loneliness, jealousy, and a negative attitude?

Spend some time in prayer, ask God to help you to make the right choices when confronted.  God has a plan for you, one that has a cheerful heart and sound mind.

What choices do you have in mind for yourself?

May God bless and direct your journey.

Article by; LRL