Two of the last three years of my Mom’s life, I shared a house with her.  As two adults under the same roof, I got to know her a bit more than I did growing up.

The circumstances that brought us together was the passing away of my Dad at age 67 of cancer.  I was divorced and my mom was a widow.  I returned to Fort Wayne to help her downsize from the house she lived in for 34 years with my Dad.

Anyway, I learned that what my Mom wanted most of all, humanly speaking was for things to be fair.

Fairness would be her mantra.  That’s not a bad thing, but you have to also be realistic and understand that we live in a broken world.

The challenge I see going on now is not how do we make things more fair, but who do you trust to make things right?

We seem to want our government to fix things.

We want the government to:

  • end poverty
  • feed the hungry
  • keep us safe from… everything
  • make everyone happy
  • … and healthy

And when that doesn’t happen:

  • we blame our elected leaders
  • we blame the bureaucrats
  • we blame the media
  • we argue and blame each other

This happens in person and online.

It’s going on within the Christian and non-Christian communities.

Friends, the problem is we are placing too much trust in humans.

Humans are the government.

Humans are imperfect.

Humans have limitations.

For me, I see this as a variation of the separation of Church and State argument.

Forgive me as I take a few liberties with this…

While we enjoy the freedom of not having an official government religion, we seem to have assigned “Savior-like” expectations and responsibilities to our government.

And no, that’s not good.

What do we do about it?

First off, be realistic about what government can do to solve problems.

We cannot outlaw sin and bad behavior and expect those sins and behaviors to disappear because just having a law doesn’t really stop those actions entirely.

So I challenge you to do what I challenge myself to do.

Look for the bigger picture.

Seek God’s wisdom.  He takes human and earthly tragedies and uses them for the greater good.  After all, His desire is that all of us humans would come to Him.

Every time we expect the power of government to solve, fix or cure, (or in my Mom’s words, make everything and everyone “fair”), we will end up frustrated.

One more thing.

We are to be God’s hands, feet, and that means being active in serving our fellow humans in any capacity that God places us and allows us.

Some of us will serve in government, some in the private world, some in non-profits, and each of us can as individuals. 

Place your trust in the only One that deserves it.