• God ordained a certain amount of days for your life. (Psalm 139) When those days are fulfilled, He takes you Home—your real Home.

• God gives us His Holy Spirit as a deposit of the certainty of Eternal Life

• “To miss God’s Word in our circumstances is to miss God. To miss God is to miss the “point” of our circumstances.” (Quote from Living Beyond Yourself Bible study by Beth Moore)

• “NO ONE will ever love you more than Jesus does!” (From a sermon in our church on Good Friday)

• People have opinions. God does not have “opinions”—just absolute TRUTH!

• The only good found in me is Jesus.

• As far as serving Jesus is concerned, are you willing to play “second fiddle,” or are you holding out for “first chair.” We need to be willing to play “second fiddle”—a behind the scenes kind of person if that is God’s will for our lives.

Written by Sharon