At the conclusion of each year, it seems like the various news and entertainment outlets like to compile their “Best of this year list.

But no matter what we experience as we wander this planet of ours, the very best of our lives, will be experienced when we leave this planet and spend eternity with God.

Not to downplay the great and wonderful things that have occurred in your life, take those in and cherish them as gifts.

And the not so great and tragic things… I hope and pray that they are simply lessons. 

We won’t know the full impact of many of those negative or positive things that happened until we have enough hindsight, and I can only speak from my earthly perspective.  Sometimes it takes years to gain the insight to learn the lessons from an event a long time ago.

I do know that my limited human vision, even enhanced by God’s Holy Spirit can only see so much, so the rest is simply faith right now.

As we head into a new year, do not grow weary in doing good for others, sharing God’s grace and love, and being the human “Jesus” that leads others to the real Jesus.

Be the Best of (fill in your name).