Profanity has an occult tendency and differs from the English language in a number of ways.  Swear words hold a particular purpose to deliver intense succinct and direct emotional expression.  Vulgarity bends the usual rules of proper grammar.  Swearing is a sign of a weak vocabulary.  It is a complete myth to believe swear words represent an individuals power and authority.

What does the Bible say about swearing?

Why is it wrong to use God’s name when swearing?  Because God’s name identifies who He is, just as your name identifies who you are.  God is Holy, and His name is above all other names.  God’s name is to be honored and glorified.  Mistreating His name is a serious offense.  If you use God’s name as a swear word, you are really treating God Himself with contempt.

How can the same tongue praise your Heavenly Father; then use the same tongue and curse His name in a profane angering manner?

Article by LRL