Winston Smith may have suffered through what millions of us are suffering through today.
I wonder what he would think if he were to return from “1984” and enter our ‘real-life’ world of 2017?
Today, in our cosmopolitan world, we’re surrounded by hate, greed and insolence.
Our contempt for each other holds no bounds.
Conservatives hate liberals. Liberals hate conservatives.
Sadly, most Americans who characterize themselves by those two terms would be hard-pressed
to even provide you with a legitimate definition of the terms.
From the time we’re big enough to use a remote control, we’re witness to thousands of violent acts,
shootings, rapes, assaults and dramatic beatings where the ‘bad guy’ is battered to a pulp and the
‘good guy’ gets throw through a plate glass window and isn’t even scratched.
We actually “cheer” at football games, boxing matches and hockey competitions; and we cheer the
loudest when someone on our opponent’s team gets bloodied or belittled.
If we were brutally honest with ourselves, we go to NASCAR events, secretly hoping to see a
spectacular crash (because it breaks the monotony of those race cars dizzily circling the track).
Many of us are victims of – or instigators in – “road rage” incidents because of all the stupid
drivers on the road who don’t know how to properly manage a two-ton killing machine when they’re
behind its wheel.
We go to war at the drop of a hat because – after all – we’re the most powerful nation on Earth. And
that’s how we roll. We’ll squander tens of trillions of taxpayer dollars on defense even though we
already have ten times more bombs than is necessary to obliterate the entire human race.
America almost “thrills” to the spectacle of another mass shooting because it brings an element of
surprise, shock and awe to our otherwise routine lives.
While we remain as one of the most violent countries on the planet, our government reacts with new
‘security’ measures that serve more as a deterrent to our freedoms than as a deterrent to criminals.
We’re a land abuzz with cameras that can observe us running a red light or robbing a liquor store.
So, perhaps Winston Smith would ‘fit right in’ to our ‘civilized’ society.
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
And Big Brother is watching…..