What’s the cure for evil?

What’s the cure for death?

These are the questions many unbelievers ask.

Maybe not those exact words, but that ultimately is what they want to know.

Another mass murder shooting in the United States, this time in Vegas has brought people together and also caused division.  

Many are looking for answers for evil and death.

Some are looking for solutions to stop these things such as gun control laws.

The answers are not going to be found because we cannot protect human life from death or evil.

And we are not supposed to either.

That is an earthly perspective.  

We want a heavenly perspective.

Instead of trying to make life perfect and safe on this planet, we should look at our life on earth as the beginning of our own eternity.

As a Christian, I know that I live in a fallen world where evil will live along side good and there is no way to eliminate or cure the evil…

But… hang on a second.

There really is a good reason for evil in this world and that is for humans to raise questions like this and come to realize that the cure for evil and the cure for death is beyond our humanity.

This summer, I had a friend die when he was in a motorcycle accident.

Saturday afternoon I went to the viewing of another friends mother who passed away after suffering numerous health issues.

This evening I’m going to the viewing of a different friends mother-in-law who died suddenly.

Every one of these people’s lives are just as valuable as the 50+ lives that were lost in Vegas.  We usually don’t question the death of someone who has lived a long life, because we simply accept that their time here was over.   We don’t passionately search for a cure to those kind of deaths.

But death is death, no matter how young or old, accidental or murderous, or simply expected.

Our job is not to find the cure for death and evil.

Our job is to have conversations with people who are looking for cures and answers and show them the cure they are looking for is not here, but in the bigger picture in a life with God through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus who overcame death so you, me and those we talk to can have hope beyond the cures they are looking for on this planet.

The end of times may be a finite day in the future.  But each of us and those around us also have a finite expiration day for our earthly days.  Let’s not waste them.