Last night I watched a preview of Ken Burns’ latest work. “The Vietnam War” is a film of how men go berserk. As it spread in Cambodia, and further into Laos, for Presidents and generals, that war was utter chaos. For soldiers in the trenches, that war was Hell on Earth. It was a futile, senseless war of no impressive worth. It marked the start of fifty years of unrelenting war. The corporate profit-mongers

watched profits start to soar! From Desert Storm, back to Iraq, and then Afghanistan, the “complex” that Dwight warned about completely drained our land. Today, we’re one big giant world submerged in war and hate. It’s time we settled down and let priorities get straight. It’s not about who “wins” a war, or who builds better drones. It’s all about the innocent who lose their lives and homes. We can’t just go on murdering and claim it’s all for good. If we don’t come together soon, we’ll all be drenched in blood.


-RKO-         #735         08-23-17


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