As I mentioned in my “pilot” article, I was raised in a strict Christian environment. God was everywhere, watching every move I made.

One night, when I was about nine years old, my younger sister and I sneaked out of our bedrooms, down into the kitchen, to get a drink from the refrigerator. It was an old Servel gas refrigerator that stood  as a mammoth monument overwhelming everything else in the dark, tiny kitchen. As my sister and I raided that refrigerator, we noticed an imposing figure at the back door that led to our driveway.

There, between the kitchen lighted only by the refrigerator’s bulb and the dense darkness of the outside world at two in the morning, stood what looked like the King on a deck of playing cards. But the King appeared as solid gold against the bleak, black background of that quiet, desolate outside world. “What’s that?” my sister whispered.

In the most courageous whisper I could muster, I told her, “That’s God protecting our house.” The solid gold statue-like figure didn’t move; it seemed to be bathed in a dull, gold sheen of sheer light. The ‘King’ was holding a golden scepter; his face was stern and stoical. Yes, I was convinced it was Almighty God Himself guarding our humble household as we slept through the night.

My little sister took a few swigs from a milk carton. I chugged down a gulp of Pepsi, and quickly, quietly closed the refrigerator door. We shuffled back to our bedrooms, careful not to wake my parents (whose

bedroom was on the ground floor), or our twin sisters who were asleep in their upstairs nursery. We never spoke of it again.

Still, to this very day – more than 60 years later – I still have vivid recall of that incident. My sister, to this very day, has no memory of it at all.

Was it real – or is this still nothing more than a figment of my rich and fertile imagination? Was it something my young mind wanted to “see”, as “proof” that God really was watching over us? 

In today’s world of never-ending wars and political turmoil, I can’t help but wish for a “golden guard” that would suddenly appear in the darkness of our troubled global nightmare; perhaps if our politicians and so-called world ‘leaders’ saw such an image, they would recognize that there is, indeed, something “out there” that is more powerful and supreme than they can ever hope to be.