by Kenneth Ogwuna

 Evangelism the proclamation of “Good news” of JESUS CHRIST, which arises naturally from believers’ love for God and appreciation of all that God has done for them. Evangelism is not just the doctrine of the Bible, but a mandate, a task, and a demand by the King of kings and Lord of lords to all kingdom, citizens without exception. Evangelism arises from a natural response from the grace of God, a concern for those yet to hear the good news to ends of the earth. Evangelism is guided and directed by the Holy Spirit. Scripture recognizes that evangelism takes place in a variety of contexts and offers models for evangelism in today’s church. From public evangelism to personal evangelism. From evangelism in strategic areas to evangelism among strategic people. We have literature evangelism, and other types of evangelism. Jesus gave His life for it, Paul the Apostle died doing it, countless saints left all they were doing to engage in it. The Church’s function includes worship, fellowship, evangelism and demonstrating to principalities and powers the manifold wisdom of God. In this light, one of the cardinal functions of the Church is the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to sinners, the perishing world. The Church does this by preaching the gospel to all mankind. Evangelism therefore involves every true Christian regardless of denomination or theological persuasion. Jesus did it in His life time and like a living commander, commanded it to His troops, the church. It is a clear command before His ascension into heaven! It is so important that all the four gospels and Acts of the Apostles recorded in it clear and precise language. Evangelism is Paramount for obvious reasons, principal amongst which is the overwhelming need of the world. Jesus did say, “the harvest is plentiful…..” about two thousand years ago…..and that was then, nevertheless much more true today than then.

Christian influence in hitherto Christian strongholds of Europe and America. Identification with the Church is at their basest low; clergy in these continents are questioning their calling. While the Church seems to be advancing in Africa and East Asia, it is evident that the breed of Christianity being peddled is that of which embellishes selfishness, greed, and belittles sacrifices and discipline living. The gospel as an effective weapon for changing society seems to be losing ground to mammon, money as the instrument of societal change. This two demands the need for proper old fashion evangelism imperative and compelling. The call for old fashion evangelism therefore may not be a call to communication of the Gospel in the way the ancients did it, but rather a plain contextualization of the gospel to present day realities with passion that comes from the Holy Spirit.

This is the invitation; we must not be caught in the error of too much word and less action. Yes, too much schooling and less doing as there are often easy to read and easy to do steps. We shouldn’t wait for more convenient season, but now.

While we knew how the Children of Satan go about spreading the gospel of their master Satan, by the use of force; as stated in John 10:10, we the true Church of the God of Bible, have confidence in the Holy Spirit that does the conversion of sinners. Our weapons penetrate to where man could not reach to hinder the gospel we preached. We don’t need to be compelled or shed the blood of any man. The Church is well equipped with Spiritual weapons, and has victory over Satan. We should take advantage of the modern technology and go all out for the Gospel.