A friend of mine posted on his Facebook page:

It is time to go to war with these radical Christian terrorists.

Whoa.  That got my attention.

What led him to declare war on Christian terrorists?

Events in Charlottesville, Virginia that resulted in death, destruction and division.

Feel free to read the coverage from the various news sources including Fox, NBC, CNN or where ever you get your “breaking news”.

There were plenty of people laying the blame for the tragedy on our President Donald Trump.

Before and after he spoke publicly, many including the mayor of Charlottesville blame President Trump for the actions that led to the violent clash between the protesters and counter-protesters.

The truth of the matter is that each individual involved is personally responsible for their actions.

And there are just so many wrong actions that led events like this that one article cannot begin to explain, but for starters, I want to circle back to the words my friend wrote.

We live in a fallen world.  We are all broken, imperfect human beings who will continue to sin and any sin any of us commit separates us from God. 

Fortunately, Jesus came to earth as 100% human and 100% God and lived a human life that was without sin.  Jesus became the acceptable sacrifice for all of our sins; past, present and future if we accept that gift of grace, we become sinless in Gods eyes momentarily until we sin again and then for eternity when we leave this earthly life.

Unfortunately, the sin make us stupid. Satan weasels his way into our lives to get us to believe lies that are contrary to the simple truths of the New Testament.  

God said and Jesus demonstrated that we are to Love.  

Not selectively love.  

Not conditionally love.

Our love is not based on the superiority of one human over another, for in God’s eyes, all of us have fallen short of the perfection God requires.  There is no “sliding scale”.

Racism, Bigotry,  Favoritism based on anything that we as humans see is wrong.

Those who claim that they are superior to others are fools. 

Those who use the name of Jesus and Christianity are boarding on blasphemy, (but I better stop because I could slip into judgement here!)

You may say that we are to judge others, but from what I see, we are to love others.  The judgement that we are called to do is a warning to our sinful nature not to fall into sin, the sins we might want to condemn others of.  There’s plenty of references to this here, especially the verses from Galatians 6.

The ugliness of Charlottesville is man-made, not Christian-inspired. There is a spiritual battle going on, that’s for sure, but not in the manner that my friend mistakenly identified.

Will you join me in not just talking about this but demonstrating Christian Love as Jesus did?  We  won’t be perfect, but with a prayerful and conscious spirit we can show others that the ugly actions of some of those who wrap themselves in a false Christian label are not representative of Jesus inspired love for all human beings.