Month: August 2017


Have you shared the Gospel recently—or ever?  Would you like to?  We as Christians are commanded to go and share Christ with others (Mark 16:15).  Here is a simple way to do it—just five points to share—or you can copy this and hand it out to those you are trying to reach.  This information is adapted from Evangelism Explosion International. Presenting the Gospel: Grace:         Heaven is a free gift.         It is not deserved, not earned, not merited.         Romans 6:23, Proverbs 14:12, Titus 3:5         This becomes more clear when you understand what the         Bible says...

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As I mentioned in my “pilot” article, I was raised in a strict Christian environment. God was everywhere, watching every move I made. One night, when I was about nine years old, my younger sister and I sneaked out of our bedrooms, down into the kitchen, to get a drink from the refrigerator. It was an old Servel gas refrigerator that stood  as a mammoth monument overwhelming everything else in the dark, tiny kitchen. As my sister and I raided that refrigerator, we noticed an imposing figure at the back door that led to our driveway. There, between the...

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Sharing the word from Nigeria by Kenneth Ogwuna

EVANGELISM AND THE SPREAD OF THE GOSPEL by Kenneth Ogwuna  Evangelism the proclamation of “Good news” of JESUS CHRIST, which arises naturally from believers’ love for God and appreciation of all that God has done for them. Evangelism is not just the doctrine of the Bible, but a mandate, a task, and a demand by the King of kings and Lord of lords to all kingdom, citizens without exception. Evangelism arises from a natural response from the grace of God, a concern for those yet to hear the good news to ends of the earth. Evangelism is guided and...

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And Then It Got Ugly

A friend of mine posted on his Facebook page: It is time to go to war with these radical Christian terrorists. Whoa.  That got my attention. What led him to declare war on Christian terrorists? Events in Charlottesville, Virginia that resulted in death, destruction and division. Feel free to read the coverage from the various news sources including Fox, NBC, CNN or where ever you get your “breaking news”. There were plenty of people laying the blame for the tragedy on our President Donald Trump. Before and after he spoke publicly, many including the mayor of Charlottesville blame President Trump for...

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“Nothing compare 2 U”

This afternoon’s news about Sinead O’Conner “hits home” for me. According to press reports, she claims to have been living alone for two years, away from her family in Ireland, as “punishment” for being mentally ill, angry and suicidal. She claims to be suffering from three mental illnesses. The singer was quoted as saying, “I’m only one of millions and millions and millions of people who are just like me, actually, who don’t have, necessarily, the resources that I have in my heart or my purse for that matter.” Perhaps the most poignant question she asked was, “Why are...

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Visual Verse of the Day

“The wilderness and the dry lands shall be glad, the desert shall rejoice and blossom.” Isaiah 35:1

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