I first heard the term “Neo Democrats” while on a recent trip to California. When I heard it I thought wow, someone slamming Democrats in California, that’s a first. I also remember thinking it sounds a little antagonistic and one might think twice about saying it too loud before a riot breaks out. When I learned what they meant by it and why people are using the term Neo Democrats is when I decided I actually like the term.  To really understand we need a little back story. Being raised in Northeastern Indiana you can imagine we have a few union members and Democrats in our family though I am a Republican. My God parents for instance have been lifelong union supporters and Democrats. Even to this day in retirement they still make most every union lunch and picnic. They believe in good wages and good benefits for all workers and usually lean a little more to the left on social issues than let’s say the average Republican. That doesn’t sound so bad. Good paying jobs and benefits for the family and feel the urge to push for more social programs from the Government. In case you don’t know unions always side with the Democrats and even tell their members that they are expected to vote for the Democratic candidate no matter what. This is where the story starts to change.

 When we turn on the T.V. today we see people calling themselves Democrats or other faction names related to being Democrats or Hillary Clinton supporters rioting in the streets. We see people in masks committing violent acts against others because they may be Trump supporters. We see people in masks setting fire to innocent people’s businesses and looting their stores and we see people refusing to accept the election results saying “Trump is not my President”. With all due respect they are not our Democrats either. These are not the hard working people I grew up with that just want fair wages and good benefits and lean to the left. These are not the Democrat voters of old. They are the “Neo Democrats”. You won’t find the likes of my God Parents out there trying to set fire to someone’s business or walking up to someone and spraying mace in their face because they have a Trump shirt on. You won’t find the old democrat voters trying to destroy America because they lost an election, and you won’t find them liking what they see in person and on T.V.  either. When they turn on the T.V. and see what these people are doing, they are not on board. The way these Neo Democrats are acting today is not what a lot of Democrat voters signed up for. So when I say Neo Democrat, it’s a term that labels what we are seeing in the streets today and out of respect separates the real Americans who vote Democrat but also respect our country and the freedom we all live in.

 If memory serves me correctly, the Republicans lost the last two elections before the 2016 election, and they did not riot in the streets and try to destroy the whole country for it.  And likewise, the Democrats lost the two elections before that. With that in mind, even though I respect the people I call the old Democrats, maybe it’s time a few of my old Democrat friends take a few Neo Democrats aside and teach them a thing or two about respect and the freedom we all live in paid for by the blood of Republicans and Democrats alike.