Google and it’s AI (artificial intelligence) researchers have just announced the Neutral Machine Translation System (GNMT).  The GNMT was asked to look at all the languages that are now existent and be able to translate from one language to another.  During this exercise the computer developed its own internal language on its own—and not by command from humans.  It used a deep learning process.  Where could all this be heading?
On another front AI bots (robots) are now being trained to create their own language as the bots move around a set environment.
We see just the beginning of this end time phenomena with the use of AI assistants such as SIRI and ALEXA.
Let your mind run wild as to future developments in this field:  chat-bots, killer robots, and GRINS technology being used to create a trans-human.  
Some predict all this research and development will be a reality in twenty to thirty years.  Some of this for the good and some for the bad!  Get ready for the Beast-Antichrist to take over and say to the world—worship me.
May you know the one and only true God.