Are you ready for “Chatbots”, “Killer Robots”, “CRISPR-cas9”, and “GRINS”? Guess what? They are already here!

You hear about drones everyday now. From the small ones that we have access to and to the ones used by our military to kill the enemy in the Mideast. These are usually controlled by humans on the ground.

We can also purchase “friendly” robots today to do work around the home. Larger computer driven robots do all kinds of work in factory settings. Under development now are autonomous machine/weapons called killer robots that use artificial intelligence. These prototypes will soon be a reality and be used in warzones. Check Google for “Chatbots” and “Killer Robots”.

Many labs and companies around the world are now involved in the trans-human explosion. This is the genetic modification of humans—merging man and machines. We are already modifying the genes of plants and animals.

CRISPR-cas9, a human gene altering lab kit developed in 2012, is now being sold. This allows a human DNA strand to be “cut” and new genes inserted. Check Google for “CRISPR-cas9”.

Now to GRINS technology: Genetics, Robotics, artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, and Synthetic biology. These are all being combined to develop a trans-human. Work has already begun on this development and full blown trans-humans are predicted to be a reality between 2030 and 2050. Our own government is using our tax dollars to develop guidelines for setting government policy regarding the next step in human evolution—“genetic enhancement”. Check Google for “GRINS technology”.

The Bible speaks to all of this. Be prepared for we are in the latter days, Revelation 13: 11-12. God created us in His own image and man says that is not good enough. We are insulting God. Man will soon be creating a soul-less creature.

If interested please see the documentary “Inhuman: The next and final phase of man is here” by Dr. Thomas Horn.