Month: February 2016


Steve grew up in a basketball coach’s home and a spiritual home. His dad, Sam, was head coach for Chrysler High School in New Castle, Indiana. Steve played at Chrysler High School and was named Indiana Mr. Basketball in 1983. Check out these basketball credentials beyond high school and up through today. —Member of 1984 Summer Olympic basketball team which won a gold medal. —Attended Indiana University from 1983-1987 and led the team to the 1987 National NCAA championship. —Played four years in the NBA from 1987-1991 and played for the Dallas Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors. —Coaching...

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Help! Our nation is on the fast track to a financial disaster. Where is Dave Ramsey when you need him? Our nation needs a “Total Money Makeover”. Let’s enroll our president and all members of Congress, both the House and the Senate, into Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” and become debt free. It is so simple: If spending is greater than revenues—we have a deficit. If spending equals revenues—we have a balanced budget. If spending is less than revenues—we have a surplus. Our Congress can’t even get a balanced budget passed. God forbid—what if Congress actually started having a...

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Are you ready for “Chatbots”, “Killer Robots”, “CRISPR-cas9”, and “GRINS”? Guess what? They are already here! You hear about drones everyday now. From the small ones that we have access to and to the ones used by our military to kill the enemy in the Mideast. These are usually controlled by humans on the ground. We can also purchase “friendly” robots today to do work around the home. Larger computer driven robots do all kinds of work in factory settings. Under development now are autonomous machine/weapons called killer robots that use artificial intelligence. These prototypes will soon be a...

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INTRODUCTION: Say no to pornography. Flee from pornography. It is everywhere today! We are all affected by it somehow and someway. The visual temptations are in magazines, on billboards, television, commercials, internet, movies, lingerie ads, dvd’s and more. Open your eyes and it is there! Believe it or not, even Christians are struggling with pornography. Pastors are not immune either. Sadly 47% of Christians say they have a major problem with pornography. Soft core porn can lead to hard core porn—leading one to strip clubs, massage parlors, voyeurism, child porn, pedophilia, prostitutes, affairs with married women, and homosexuality. How...

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Visual Verse of the Day

“The wilderness and the dry lands shall be glad, the desert shall rejoice and blossom.” Isaiah 35:1

The Rescue Mission – Changing Lives for Good