You can choose any Christian male or female athlete you like but here is a man who has stood up for his commitment to Christ and has and is taking a lot of heat for that stand.

Tim grew up the son of missionaries in the Philippines. He has two brothers and two sisters. The family moved to Florida when Tim was still a child and he was home schooled there. He returned to the Philippines as a teenager to spread God’s Word and do the Lord’s work by serving the needy.  Check out his autobiography “Through My Eyes”. The Tim Tebow Foundation began in 2010 and shares faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. Check out the six outreach ministries at

Tim Tebow Foundation

Tim is a two time national champion with the Florida Gators, 1st round draft pick of the Denver Broncos and a Heisman trophy winner. He went on to the NFL as a Denver Bronco, New York Jet, and Philadelphia Eagle. He is presently working with ESPN as a college football commentator. Could he end up in the 2016 season with the San Francisco 49’ers? Could Chip Kelly, the new 49’ers coach, bring Tebow in as the second or third quarterback behind Kaepernick?

Tim has stated that he is saving himself for marriage. Where do you hear that nowadays? In fact, Olivia Culpa who is a former Miss USA, broke off her recent relationship with Tim due to lack of sex.

Tim is a very good example for Christians everywhere. Tim has incredible influence in today’s world. Every Christian is to proclaim the Gospel and our faith without shame. If you are truly doing things for Christ and are committed to Christ then you must expect criticism. Jesus went on record that we would be criticized for our faith.

Keep up the great work Tim.