What do we call them–Illegals, undocumented, unauthorized, illegal aliens? These people have violated our immigration laws and come into our county illegally. And how many—it is estimated that there are 10 to 20 million of these people in our country! Our government today has an “open border” policy and an attitude of “ignoring immigration law”. The majority of the illegals are from Mexico but many countries are represented. It is likely that terrorist groups such as ISIS have come across the border into our country.

The number of illegal aliens coming in now surpasses the number of legal aliens which come into our country meeting our laws and meeting the requirements for citizenship. Why can’t we enforce our existing laws? I think we all know—it happens inside the beltway! Look at all the problems this has led too—sanctuary cities, terrorist cells, anchor babies, crime, unemployment rate, national debt, and more. And God forbid—may all of this not lead to a civil war. Let’s solve the problem!