America is in the early stages of a civil war right now. People are quietly preparing for the worst which is evident in the huge spike in gun sales and survival food. We are a nation of approximately 311 million people and a significant number are armed or getting armed.   A quiet declaration of war has been made against the our country’s traditional values and freedoms. Are Americans really ready to defend the U.S. Constitution and our way of life?  

Food for thought: A rebellion from the right is coming; the political left will bring a class and race war to every street in America; almost 50% of Americans are now on some form of government handout; a collapse of the U.S. dollar will cause riots in America; the DHS is preparing for a massive civil war and has 300 detention facilities, has stockpiles of armored vehicles and body bags, has 30,000 drones and has over a billion rounds of hollow point bullets; we have an administration that is intentionally causing the divide among Americans; and we have race baiters and antagonists for revolution running wild.   God help us.